Terms & Conditions

Standard rental agreement

Terms & Conditions

This rental agreement is established between:
Kembali Ltd, Unit 1010, Miramar Tower, 132 Nathan Road Tsimshatsui, Kowloon - Hong Kong, registered under number 59342570-000-01-12-A of the Hong Kong Commercial Register.
Manager and representative of the owner of "Kembali Villa" located in Jalan Yeah Buah, dusum Yeah Buah, Ds Kubutambahan, Bali, Indonesia, hereinafter referred to  as the provider
The tenant
CP.................... Town.............
Passport number: .........................
Hereinafter referred to as the customer.

Kembali Villa rental policy

The client rents Kembali villa over the period from xx/xx/xx to xx/xx/xx, for a maximum of xx people. 
The amount established between the provider and the customer is  xxxx €, including the services described below for the given period.
The return transfer between the airport and the villa is not included, for an amount of 80€ per car (up to 5 people per car with 1 piece of luggage per person). This option will be added to your final payment.

Kembali Villa is located about 90km from the airport, but due to traffic and possible weather conditions, the route can vary between 2:30 and 04:00. The service provider cannot be held responsible for this delivery time.

A deposit, non-refundable in case of cancellation after 60 days before the date of arrival, of 50%, or xxx €, is requested by bank transfer to validate the reservation (the international transfer fees are entirely the responsibility of the customer).

The balance is due by bank transfer 30 days before the date of arrival at Kembali Villa (the international transfer fee is entirely the responsibility of the customer, or the 3.5% fee for a payment by PayPal).

A deposit of 350 € will be added to your last deadline, and will be refunded by transfer within 10 days at the end of your stay and validation of the exit inventory. In case of delay of more than 5 days in the payment schedule, your reservation will be considered canceled.
The provider agrees, with all the powers of the Balinese owner of the land, to rent Kembali Villa, located in Kubutambahan, Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia.

The taking of possession can be done on xx/xx/xx from 14:00, the departure is scheduled on xx/xx/xx at 11:00.
Upon arrival, our manager will ask you for a copy of the passports of the people occupying the villa in order to make the registration declarations to the municipality.
Upon arrival, our manager or a member of the villa staff (depending on your arrival time) will welcome you to introduce you and explain the operation of the villa.

No changes in the villa can be made during your stay.

The service provider, as well as the Balinese owner of the land, can in no way be held responsible in the event of an accident, death or any event affecting the client or the people who accompany him.

The customer is informed by this contract that the pool is open and that it is not equipped with protections limiting or securing its access.
The client is informed by this contract that the villa has direct access to the unsupervised beach.
No change of locks can be made by the customer. In case of loss of the keys, you must immediately inform our manager, who will take care of opening and replacing the locks at your expense.

The rental of Kembali Villa gives you the full enjoyment of the villa, as well as the provision of:
• A "chef at home", who prepares your three meals and possibly manages your groceries. The cost of the ingredients remains the responsibility of the customer.
• a housekeeper: in charge of cleaning, laundry, ironing, preparation and service of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
• the gardener: responsible for the maintenance of the garden and pool
• the night watchman: in charge of the surveillance of the villa during the night 

Costs related to running (non-potable) water, gas and electricity are included in the rental amount. We still draw your attention that electricity is rare and expensive in Bali, thank you for using air conditioning wisely.
Drinking water, food and drinks are the responsibility of the customer.

Staff attendance times are defined and available in the welcome booklet.

Meal service times can be adapted according to your schedules and activities, within the limit of the hours of presence of the cook. Please note that dinner will be served or prepared by 18:30 at the latest, in order to allow the departure of our cook no later than 19:00.

Sunday is a public holiday for all staff, except for the night guard, where a permanence will be ensured with the neighboring villa.
All staff are employed by the service provider and managed locally by our manager. Under no circumstances may it be returned or replaced by the customer. All staff have access to the villa according to their own tasks and schedules.

Your precious belongings or documents can be stored in a small safe made available to you in each room.
No subletting is possible.

Pets are not allowed in the villa.

Kembali villa is a non-smoking villa for safety reasons, having a Halang halang roof (thatched roof). Smoking is allowed in the outdoor areas, please preserve the environment by using the ashtrays at your disposal.

We will make every effort to guarantee you the best stay, but some services provided by other providers may malfunction (electricity, water, telephone, Internet). The provider and his team can not be held responsible for these malfunctions during your stay, but will assist you to solve them to the extent of their means as soon as possible.

The provider can also not be held responsible for "certain inconveniences" related to the clean environment of Kembali Villa (temple, ceremony, sound of waves, sounds of animals, etc.). These elements are related to our environment and also make the charm of Kembali Villa.
An exit inventory will be made at the end of your stay to validate the identical condition of the villa compared to your day of arrival. Thank you in case of breakage or damage caused during your stay to inform our team on site as and when. 
This contract establishes the rental conditions of Kembali Villa and are by the signature of both parties recognized valid and in accordance with our commitments made previously.

This contract must be signed and dated by both parties and returned within 5 days of receipt with proof of transfer to validate your reservation.

Done at xxxxx, the xx/xx/xx

The service provider The customer